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TexteelOne®Cable pull

Less is more: Full Texteel® power in a buoyant high-performance rope boasting the equivalent strength of a steel rope at an extremely affordable price

Maximum performance

Single-origin 12-braid with the strength and elongation characteristics of a steel rope at just one seventh the weight


Fully developed MegaOne construction type and Geothane coating for long service life and high flexibility


Texteel® = HMPE power in vcertified Gleistein quality to provide outstanding value for money


3 mm - 136 mm Ø


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Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.60 %

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
3 mm Ø0.488.109.00
4 mm Ø0.8412.6014.00
5 mm Ø1.4324.0026.70
6 mm Ø2.1032.4036.00
8 mm Ø3.8057.6064.00
10 mm Ø5.7086.4096.00
12 mm Ø8.60128.70143.00
14 mm Ø11.50171.00190.00
16 mm Ø15.00225.00250.00
18 mm Ø18.40261.00290.00
20 mm Ø22.90315.00350.00
22 mm Ø26.70369.00410.00
24 mm Ø31.70441.00490.00
26 mm Ø37.20513.00570.00
28 mm Ø43.00585.00650.00
30 mm Ø48.70639.00710.00
32 mm Ø55.80711.00790.00
34 mm Ø62.10783.00870.00
36 mm Ø68.70855.00950.00
38 mm Ø76.40945.001,050.00
40 mm Ø85.901,026.001,140.00
44 mm Ø103.101,224.001,360.00
46 mm Ø109.801,287.001,430.00
48 mm Ø119.301,422.001,580.00
52 mm Ø140.601,674.001,860.00
56 mm Ø162.301,935.002,150.00
60 mm Ø185.902,214.002,460.00
64 mm Ø210.002,502.002,780.00
68 mm Ø238.702,844.003,160.00
72 mm Ø268.503,204.003,560.00
76 mm Ø300.703,591.003,990.00
80 mm Ø332.903,978.004,420.00
84 mm Ø365.104,365.004,850.00
88 mm Ø397.404,653.005,170.00
96 mm Ø472.505,418.006,020.00
104 mm Ø558.506,399.007,110.00
112 mm Ø644.407,236.008,040.00
120 mm Ø741.008,316.009,240.00
128 mm Ø848.409,315.0010,350.00
136 mm Ø955.8010,485.0011,650.00


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