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Texteel®One-Four-FourHeavy lift

Big deal: 144 strands meet the highest demands. Long-lasting, high-performance rope with large diameter


12 heat-set braids made from Texteel® are unified to form a high-performance rope with huge diameter


Coverless construction with compact sub-braids enables unbeatably short splicing times


Excellent abrasion resistance even without a protective cover – thanks to the special strand construction and highly effective coating


40 mm - 104 mm Ø

Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.40 %

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
40 mm Ø92.201,085.701,206.00
44 mm Ø107.601,341.201,490.00
48 mm Ø147.601,703.101,892.00
52 mm Ø172.201,979.002,199.00
56 mm Ø215.202,458.902,732.00
60 mm Ø221.402,518.902,799.00
64 mm Ø245.902,781.803,091.00
68 mm Ø270.503,047.403,386.00
72 mm Ø319.703,579.403,977.00
76 mm Ø344.503,841.004,268.00
80 mm Ø369.304,092.104,547.00
84 mm Ø461.205,088.105,653.00
88 mm Ø491.905,393.205,992.00
92 mm Ø507.305,538.306,154.00
96 mm Ø574.906,237.006,930.00
100 mm Ø608.706,575.707,306.00
104 mm Ø642.506,896.607,663.00


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