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Comparison of different lifting gear

(WLL 10t, straight lift, length 3m)


 Allround MegaLoopPolyester round slingCable-laid sling
7 x6 x 19 M-FC
Endless basket chain GK 10
Weight1.9 kg6.2 kg13.,3 kg27.0 kg
Nominal diameter24 mm54 mm27 mm13 mm
Bearing surface under load32 mm100 mm27 mm47 mm
Operation temerature 100% WLL (°C)-40 to +70 °C-40 to +100 °C-40 to +100 °C-40 to +200 °C
Factor of safety7754
StandardDIN EN 1492-2DIN EN 1492-2DIN EN 13414-3DIN EN 818