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DynaOne® HSStage

Optimised exploitation of materials for enhanced performance: Heat set to bring the best out of Dyneema®.

Pure performance

12-plait braid made with 100 % Dyneema® fibres, heat-set for ultimate strength and minimal elongation


Made with buoyant Dyneema® SK 78 fibres, about a tenth as light as a comparable wire rope.

All-round qualities

Flexibility and longevity due to firm rope structure


3 mm - 10 mm Ø



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Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.30 %

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
3 mm Ø0.6011.8013.10
4 mm Ø1.0018.9021.00
5 mm Ø1.6030.0033.30
6 mm Ø2.1038.0042.20
7 mm Ø0.000.000.00
8 mm Ø4.1075.4083.80
9 mm Ø0.000.000.00
10 mm Ø5.50100.60112.00


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