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DynaOne® ISOtowing

Power with each and every fibre: buoyant, textile wire rope replacement delivers long service life and best all-round characteristics – even without a cover.

Strength equal to wire ropes

Round braid made with 100% Dyneema® SK78

Perfectly engineered

Compact construction type for long service life

Excellent handling

Extremely light and flexible, easy to splice


6 mm - 80 mm Ø


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Technical data

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
6 mm Ø0.000.000.00
8 mm Ø0.000.000.00
10 mm Ø0.000.000.00
12 mm Ø0.000.000.00
14 mm Ø0.000.000.00
16 mm Ø0.000.000.00
18 mm Ø18.40290.00322.00
20 mm Ø22.90350.00389.00
22 mm Ø26.70410.00456.00
24 mm Ø31.70490.00544.00
26 mm Ø37.20570.00633.00
28 mm Ø43.00650.00722.00
30 mm Ø48.70710.00789.00
32 mm Ø55.60790.00878.00
34 mm Ø62.10870.00967.00
36 mm Ø68.70950.001,056.00
38 mm Ø76.401,050.001,167.00
40 mm Ø85.901,140.001,267.00
44 mm Ø103.101,360.001,511.00
46 mm Ø112.701,430.001,589.00
48 mm Ø119.301,580.001,756.00
52 mm Ø140.601,860.002,067.00
56 mm Ø162.302,150.002,389.00
60 mm Ø185.902,460.002,733.00
64 mm Ø0.000.000.00
68 mm Ø0.000.000.00
72 mm Ø0.000.000.00
76 mm Ø0.000.000.00
80 mm Ø0.000.000.00


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