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GeoLink Lashingtowing

Soft shackle in signal yellow colour. Child’s play to fasten, holds securely and easy to open again each time.

Safe handling

Injury-free one-person handling

Highest precision

Suitable as sacrificial element due to minimal series variation

Marked pressure points

Enhances safety due to exact positioning


18 mm - 32 mm Ø


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Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.60 %


Bl. real
in splice
12 mm Ø268.90
16 mm Ø430.80
18 mm Ø546.80
20 mm Ø694.10
22 mm Ø810.00
24 mm Ø983.30
26 mm Ø1,073.30
28 mm Ø1,299.40
30 mm Ø1,426.50
32 mm Ø1,471.50
36 mm Ø1,867.50
38 mm Ø2,075.60


Bl. real
in splice
18 mm Ø820.10
20 mm Ø1,041.20
22 mm Ø1,215.00
24 mm Ø1,474.90
26 mm Ø1,609.90
28 mm Ø1,949.10
30 mm Ø2,139.80
32 mm Ø2,207.30


Bl. real
in splice
18 mm Ø1,230.20
20 mm Ø1,561.80
22 mm Ø1,822.50
24 mm Ø2,212.30
26 mm Ø2,414.80
28 mm Ø2,923.60
30 mm Ø3,209.60
32 mm Ø3,310.90


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