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GeoSquare® TailMastertowing

Happy end: easy to splice square braid with weight-reducing polyolefin monofilaments that are carefully enveloped in polyester.


High strength, best shock absorption, moderate weight


Rugged rope construction, best UV and abrasion resistance

Best handling

Very flexible, knobbly surface, easy to splice


40 mm - 104 mm Ø


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Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 1.90 %

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
40 mm Ø104.00369.00410.00
44 mm Ø124.00440.00489.00
48 mm Ø148.00525.00583.00
52 mm Ø175.00615.00683.00
56 mm Ø203.00710.00789.00
60 mm Ø230.00807.00897.00
64 mm Ø262.00908.001,009.00
68 mm Ø299.001,030.001,144.00
72 mm Ø331.001,140.001,267.00
76 mm Ø369.001,270.001,411.00
80 mm Ø411.001,397.001,552.00
84 mm Ø460.001,545.001,717.00
88 mm Ø502.001,690.001,878.00
92 mm Ø550.001,850.002,056.00
96 mm Ø593.001,984.002,204.00
98 mm Ø625.002,090.002,322.00
104 mm Ø694.002,320.002,578.00


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