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X-Twin HS Dyneema® SSC-Covertowing

With full force: extremely compact and buoyant high-performance towing line with lowest elongation and the unsurpassed durability of the SSC cover

Ultimate strength

Core made of heat-set Dyneema® SK78

Abrasion resistant

Exceptionally abrasion-resistant SSC cover from sub-braids made with Dyneema®


Extremely light and compact ensuring exemplary handling


40 mm - 68 mm Ø


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Technical data

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
40 mm Ø104.901,298.001,442.00
42 mm Ø123.501,411.001,568.00
44 mm Ø142.301,700.001,889.00
46 mm Ø161.201,988.002,209.00
48 mm Ø171.302,132.002,369.00
50 mm Ø182.802,266.002,518.00
52 mm Ø196.602,400.002,667.00
56 mm Ø224.102,678.002,976.00
62 mm Ø260.902,812.003,124.00
64 mm Ø276.702,946.003,273.00
66 mm Ø302.803,214.003,571.00
68 mm Ø323.903,337.003,708.00


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