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GeoLinkWatersports Cruising

GeoLink shackles are light and flexible, can be opened and closed quickly without the need for any additional equipment and are self-locking under load.


8 mm - 14 mm Ø



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Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.60 %

Bl. real
in splice
Total length in closed state
4 mm Ø0.016.7085
8 mm Ø0.0114.00110
10 mm Ø0.0124.00110
12 mm Ø0.0231.90125
14 mm Ø0.0455.90150
18 mm Ø0.0779.80175
20 mm Ø0.14119.50200
24 mm Ø0.28167.50350
28 mm Ø0.37191.50400
32 mm Ø0.55243,00450
34 mm Ø0.80308.50500
36 mm Ø1.03360.00550
40 mm Ø1.36437.00600
44 mm Ø1,61477.00650
48 mm Ø2.14577.50700
50 mm Ø2.60634.00750
54 mm Ø2.98654.00800
58 mm Ø3.58742.00850
60 mm Ø4.33830.00900
64 mm Ø5.08922.50950
68 mm Ø5.73950.401,000
74 mm Ø7.981,203.801,100
82 mm Ø10.081,390.001,200
90 mm Ø13.651,650.001,500
94 mm Ø18.861,925.001,500
96 mm Ø23.492,225.001,800


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