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How are ropes and art related?

For nearly two centuries, the family-owned company Gleistein in Bremen has been developing and producing ropes for every application, ensuring perfect connections time and time again. And connections are also what Stephan Thierbach’s exhibition is all about.

The artist explores questions about the concept of home, but mainly about being united, interwoven, and connected. Gleistein has a long history in supporting not only industry and shipping but also the art world: With its expertise in rope technology, the company has contributed significantly to the success of some of the most impressive art installations by Christo and Jeanne-Claude, for example.

Now, Gleistein is donating 1500 meters of rope for Thierbach's portrayal of the complex network of the human habitat at the Kulturkirche St. Stephani in Bremen from 17th of March to 18th of June 2023.


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