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Exemplary environmental efforts: Gleistein GmbH is awarded the "Places of Biodiversity" signet

Through a range of measures, Gleistein GmbH has created numerous new habitats for plants and animals on its premises. In recognition of its outstanding ecological commitment, the Environmental Business Office and BUND Bremen have now awarded the company the "Places of Biodiversity" signet.

For the oldest industrial family business in Bremen, sustainable management has always been part of its self-conception.

In addition to the exclusive use of green electricity and its resource-saving, completely climate-neutral production since 2021, Gleistein also strives for balanced ecological coexistence: The two bee colonies on the company's premises provide a home for up to 100,000 bees and a large open area has been transformed into a wildflower meadow. Shrubs and wild perennials have also been planted in beds, while piles of old wood and leaves have been created, and birdhouses installed. Christian Szente, Gleistein’s sustainability manager, explained that the company likes to involve their employees in the planning and implementation of sustainable activities. This gives them the opportunity to play an active role and benefit from the measures themselves in the future, such as during a relaxing lunch break in the green.

During the award ceremony, Christine Cramm, Chairwoman of the Bremen branch of BUND, emphasised how corporate environmental protection can positively contribute to urban ecology with the promotion of biodiversity and the creation of diverse retreats and nesting aids for birds and insects. Dr Ulrike Christiansen, the new acting head of department for the environment, also congratulated Gleistein on their sustainable commitment and hoped other companies would follow their example and contribute to more ecological diversity in urban areas.


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