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Gleistein switches its entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema® to bio-based Dyneema® fibres

World’s first rope manufacturer to take this step towards a more sustainable future

With immediate effect, Gleistein is switching its entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema® to be manufactured exclusively from bio-based Dyneema® fibres. These fibres possess exactly the same trusted strength and reliability of their conventionally sourced counterparts, yet contribute substantially to climate protection due to their renewable, bio-based raw material. This results in a significant reduction in carbon emissions and fossil fuel dependency. With this move, Gleistein is adopting the leading role worldwide among textile rope manufacturers aiming towards becoming carbon neutral in the future.

Over the past decades, Gleistein Ropes and DSM Protective Materials (formerly DSM Dyneema) have continuously worked together to deliver premium, industry-leading textile rope solutions for their customers. The outstanding quality, often featuring the world’s highest performance attributes, is the result of extensive ongoing R&D investments and a joint, resolute commitment to excellence. This pursuit of excellence has not been limited to the products ultimately produced, but has also focused on supporting the values of Gleistein as a company – where sustainability and environmental issues play a pivotal role – and which has also earned the company recognition in the past, such as being officially honoured as the first “Climate Protection Company” by the City of Bremen. Now, Gleistein is the world’s first company to take the next logical step further and is switching its entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema® to be manufactured exclusively from bio-based Dyneema® fibres.

The new, sustainable fibres from Dyneema® are the first-ever bio-based HMPE fibres guaranteeing responsible sourcing of the raw materials without any compromise to performance. Extracted from wood, the Dyneema® bio-based raw material originates from sustainably managed, certified forests. The process involves the collection of crude tall oil (CTO), a residue from wood pulp production. The provision of the bio-based material occurs via a so-called mass balance approach within an ISCC Certified value chain. The fibre is certified in accordance with the International Sustainability & Carbon Certification standard to ensure full compliance and traceability.

Klaus Walther, Managing Director of Gleistein Ropes: “By completely switching our products made with Dyneema® to the new bio-based Dyneema® fibres, I anticipate that we will reduce our carbon footprint to the tune of around 1,000 mt CO2 in the first year alone, which is equivalent to taking more than 210 passenger cars off the roads. Importantly, our customers will continue to enjoy exactly the same extremely high levels of performance they are accustomed to from conventional Dyneema® fibres. Naturally, we are proud to be taking on the pioneering role of being the world’s first textile rope manufacturer to use sustainable raw materials for its entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema®. But we also hope that more companies will follow our example and join us in making a real contribution to climate protection and sustainability in our industry.” 

Jan Lodewijk Lindemulder, Global Business Director, DSM Protective Materials: “I am very pleased to see our initiative to launch bio-based Dyneema® is embraced by Gleistein. Switching their entire portfolio of products made with Dyneema®, to bio-based Dyneema®, demonstrates Gleistein’s ambition to become carbon neutral in the future. An ambition that is shared by DSM and the driver behind this sustainable development. Together with all parties in the value chain we can and will reduce the carbon footprint of our industry.” 

The products made exclusively with Dyneema® bio-based fibres are available now. More information on the fibre as well as the production and certification processes can be found here in the Gleistein Ropes Factsheet on the subject.

About Gleistein Ropes

Gleistein has been manufacturing ropes since 1824 and is the oldest family industrial company in Bremen (Germany). Together with its Trencin (Slovakia) plant the company boasts two of the most modern rope manufacturing facilities in the world with a total production area of more than 19,000m². Modern chemical fibres, sophisticated designs and future-oriented rope finishing equipment and procedures offer a definite direct benefit for the customer. Gleistein offers a complete service, supports its customers with industry-leading know-how and assists in selecting the perfect rope – whatever the need. Ready-to-use finishing of products, execution of contracted tests and the development of tailor-made solutions round out the comprehensive range of services. Not willing to wait for market or political pressure, Gleistein takes a proactive approach to ensure the implementation of the highest standards for resource-conscious and ethically responsible production and use of its products. The conversion to green electricity and establishment of our own combined heat and power station in 2013, recognition as being the first “Climate Protection Company CO2-20” by the state government of Bremen in 2015, waste avoidance through outstanding product longevity, on-site vehicle charging stations to promote e-mobility as well as the settlement of bee colonies on the company premises are clear examples of this, as is being the world’s first major rope manufacturer to completely convert to bio-based Dyneema® 

About DSM – Bright Science. Brighter Living.™ 

Dyneema® is DSM’s premium brand for UHMwPE products. Royal DSM is a global, purpose-led, science-based company active in Nutrition, Health and Sustainable Living. DSM’s purpose is to create brighter lives for all. DSM addresses with its products and solutions some of the world’s biggest challenges while simultaneously creating economic, environmental and societal value for all its stakeholders – customers, employees, shareholders, and society at large. DSM delivers innovative solutions for human nutrition, animal nutrition, personal care and aroma, medical devices, green products and applications, and new mobility and connectivity. DSM and its associated companies deliver annual net sales of about €10 billion with approximately 23,000 employees. The company was founded in 1902 and is listed on Euronext Amsterdam. More information can be found at:


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