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Health made easy


Gleistein in excellent health


Health is perhaps the most important factor in quality of life and well-being. Because we genuinely care about the health of our Gleistein family, our company’s health management offers them a holistic health programme. 

GeoFit lives up to its name: a quarterly changing range of selected lectures and courses - from stress management to fitness boxing to stand-up paddling with colleagues. Not only is participation in the programmes free, but it is also even rewarded! 


Bonus booklet 

Points are collected for participation in courses and lectures offered. And those who have collected at least three programme points in the past quarter can choose between a bonus payment of 100€ or an additional day's holiday.



For those who find the company’s in-house offers insufficient, there is also the opportunity to become part of Qualitrain’s company fitness programme. The company’s health management thereby enables the Gleistein family to use numerous sports and health facilities throughout Germany free of charge. Yoga workshops, climbing courses, visits to the swimming pool and dance groups - there are almost no limits to the leisure activities on offer here. 



Interesting lectures take a close look at various aspects of healthy eating - whether it's debunking nutrition myths or the bitter truth about sugar. A varied diet is essential for a healthy lifestyle; it strengthens the immune system and ensures increased well-being and concentration. An ever-changing selection of creative recipes helps to apply what has been learned in everyday life.


During the pandemic

Especially in times of the pandemic, preventive health care has gained in importance. Gleistein has reacted and offers all employees the opportunity to keep fit even while working from home. Yoga classes or progressive muscle relaxation take place in the comfort of one’s own home. Our "Sofa Fitness" course, for example, not only brought movement into the working day but also made it possible to get together digitally on long lockdown days. 

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