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Gleistein Tracking System

The Gleistein Tracking System

Transparent digital lifecycle management of every mooring component on board.


assisted inspections.


Photo uploads

for direct assessments by our Gleistein Care Team.


Real-time rope

status monitoring.

For your operational safety

  • Cloud-based online access to all rope certificates and manufacturer’s declarations.
  • Smart visualization for the inspection process.
  • Permanently updated damage reference information.
  • NFC chip technology integrated.
  • Interface to internal systems possible.
  • GTS assists you in the implementation and installation of your mooring system and ensures seemless monitoring.
  • System adapted to your individual needs from our experts.
  • Cloud-based tracking service.

"Those who bear great responsibility for safety matters must have a handle on the big set of daily tasks - the simpler, the better."

You know these problems

Reduced safety due to unclear status of the mooring system

Lack of inspection procedures

Deficits in data quality and integrity

The Solution

  • Integrated database providing a permanent overview of the safety status of the ropes.
  • Improved data quality and data integrity with the historic lifetime data of all components of your mooring system.
  • Helpful reference and safety status information such as reference photos for a better inspection process and a more informed assessment of the current wear condition.
  • Forward budget planning possible due to fi xed replacement/ inspection cycles.
  • Cost savings through optimised usage times of your mooring system.

We advise you

about the right package of our Gleistein Tracking System.

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