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Mooring Rope Manual

We know the ropes

Different vessel sizes, classes, and uses require special attention in selecting the best of mooring lines and systems for reliable and long service life.

One size just does not fit all!

Synthetic fibre mooring lines are lightweight, strong, corrosion resistant, and even float. Their light weight and minimal volume guarantee greater safety and quick, easy handling, which, in addition to low maintenance requirements, means less downtime and increases operating efficiency.


Challenges for mooring lines

The effort required to select the optimum mooring system should not be underestimated - and no aspect should be neglected. Gleistein is happy to help with the selection - and can even advise operators from the outset on the selection of the right mooring system and possible alternatives for their individual needs.


The right mooring system

Exclusively for Gleistein customers

Our Mooring Manual gives a deep insight into professional mooring.


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