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Making light work of heavy lifting

Among professionals, no challenge is too gigantic

They can easily deal with loads of hundreds of tons on WLL on the hook, are made exactly to measure and meet standards of precision beyond the norm: Gleistein lifting slings are clearly superior to conventional Polyester round slings and deliver everything that extremely heavy and hard wire rope slings do. But they are lightweight and flexible. And that’s exactly what makes the decisive difference for your operating costs!



High performance fibre vs. steel

Comparison of different lifting gear
( MBL 2000 t, 6 m)

 Updraft® MegaSlingCable impact grummet from 7 x 6 x 19 WC
Weight125 kg995 kg
Diameter138 mm156 mm
Operating temp. 100 % WLL-40 to +70 °C -40 to +100 °C 


Special solutions

We are ready for something major

Gleistein's testing laboratory

Raw material testing, product testing, certificates

Lifting tower segments in wind energy 

Protective elements

GeoLift slings are matched to the intended usage scenario with specifically applied protective elements in such a way that the load-bearing fibre rope is effectively protected against increased wear in the contact area with attachment points and deflections for a long time.

Further protection against abrasion and dirt ingress is provided by highly effective protective elements of the GeoProtect series. Depending on the design, they can be retrofitted, opened for inspection purposes, moved or permanently fixed.