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Mooring lines

For mooring lines, the work begins when the vessel comes to rest: they provide support and cushion shocks, but must also be strong and flexible. Premium solutions from Gleistein also offer outstanding longevity and considerable benefits in handling due to their low weight. As such, they are quickly superior to cheap alternatives – even in economic terms.



Gleistein's FLX Mooring System

Premium mooring system with cost-efficiency

Light, compact, and durable

The high-quality main mooring line with Dyneema®. It weighs just a fraction of the weight of a conventional mooring line, but lasts many times longer.


Someone has to do the work

The highly efficient tail. It absorbs the shocks and wears like a conventional mooring line, but only constitutes the last few metres of the ensemble and can be exchanged in a flash.



Acquisition costs are amortized after only a few years. But the substantial savings in weight and space as well as the easier handling can be enjoyed right from the start!

A main mooring line and a tail are always combined together.




Main mooring line

FlexTwin  | X-Twin Plus-Cover  | DynaOne® ISO |  TexteelTwin® Plus-Cover | TexteelOne®



Cruise Tail | GeoSquare® TailMasterGeoSquare® Plus


What lasts longer will quickly save you money – and save waste for us all

It is easy and very enticing to design a rope construction type in such a way that it seems more efficient according to technical data. Yet this is often at the price of a dramatically shorter service life – thereby making it fraudulent in terms of life cycle costs and its environmental balance. Ropes made by Gleistein deliver a perfect balance between high strength and a long operational life.

High-end cordage based on renewable raw materials

Premium manufacturer and long-time Gleistein partner DSM Protective Materials starts with the manufacturing process of its superior Dyneema® fibers: Raw gasoline extracted from wood enables production without any loss of quality!

Gleistein customers are now benefiting from this innovation.
And more will follow - contact us!

Conventional mooring lines

Conventional mooring lines are made of high-strength fibres with balanced stretching properties. In combination with our meticulously optimised designs, they offer the best conditions for safe mooring, first-class shock absorption and long service life. Especially for small and medium-sized vessels, they prove their advantages over combined systems.
The key argument for conventional mooring lines is usually their attractive price. Gleistein has clearly positioned itself in the highly competitive international market: We also focus on outstanding quality in this segment, which is particularly noticeable in the significantly longer service life of our solutions compared to price-optimised offers from competitors. This makes them the more economical alternative after only a short time.
Our range extends from classic, particularly easy-to-splice square braids to a selection of high-quality round braids and the dimensionally stable WinchMaster for tough winch applications.

Our ropes


Mooring Rope Manual

Everything you need to know

Make it last

Protective elements for maximum lifespan


Soft shackle for fast handling

Sustainable ropes

Possible without compromising performance.

Test laboratory

Discover the highest testing standards

Mooring Solutions Catalogue

FLX mooring system and conventional mooring lines

Safety instructions

Note our recommendations

AIDAprima, FLX Mooring System by Gleistein

[Richard Boydon, Deputy Director Marine Operations | Marine Holland America Group

"Their mooring ropes and service is outstanding. We are glad to have them as a partner as we move together forward, for safer and more efficient mooring solutions."

Rotterdam, FLX Mooring System by Gleistein

Wear zone management

Maximize the safety and service life of the mooring system by ensuring that all operators have a high level of awareness of the factors that cause rope damage and that appropriate precautions are taken to prevent damage.


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