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Wear Zone Management

Tough everyday life for mooring

Mooring systems are exposed to potential damage on a daily basis due to regular mooring activities.

The vessel's individual trading patterns, including the design of the terminals at which it is moored, the specific type of mooring system, the environmental conditions and vessel movements while in port, and the degree of loading of the vessel also have an influence.

Because wear zone management techniques vary for each vessel, it is important that they are evaluated for each application and documented as part of the LMP to reduce the risk of rope damage as effectively as possible. 

Solutions from Gleistein

Gleistein offers several solutions to protect mooring systems from damage by applying protective elements such as impregnations and sleeves. This effectively protects the load-bearing fiber rope in the long term from increased wear in the contact area at attachment points and deflections, and provides an additional line of defense against chafing, abrasion and the ingress of dirt.


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