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Keep it moving

Your job, our rope

Constant deployment under some of the most demanding conditions. That’s the reality towing system ropes face day after day. This makes choosing the right ropes crucial for ensuring your business keeps moving.



Our recommendation for the most highly stressed component of the ensemble: high-performance rope with Dyneema® SSC cover spliced to the grommet.


Unrivalled abrasion resistance 
and distributed wear due to possibility to reposition several times

Torsion free
The paired rope strand protects against twisting

More economical
than an eye-eye configuration – especially for smaller lengths

Soft shackle in signal yellow colour – here as a triple lashing (R3). Child’s play to fasten, holds securely and easy to open again each time. 


Safe handling
Injury-free one-person handling

Highest precision
Suitable as a sacrificial element due to precisely defined breaking load 

Marked pressure points
Enhances safety due to exact positioning

For many years Gleistein has been deploying NFC chips in its ropes that can be read with a smartphone. 


Always available
Specifications, inspection intervals, article numbers, etc

Completely unaffected by salt water and securely whipped in the line 

Cost effective
Can be incorporated in any line

More about the NFC Chip

Extremely robust towing line with perfect shock absorption characteristics. Also a first-class forerunner in other combinations!


Does it all
High-strength polyester multi-core rope with right level of stretch

Extremely abrasion-resistant cover provides protection and stability

Torsion protection 
Longitudinal stripes make twists in the rope immediately visible

 X-Twin HS Dyneema® SSC CoverX-Twin Dyneema® SSC CoverX-Twin HS Dyneema® CoverX-Twin Dyneema® CoverX-Twin HS Plus CoverX-Twin Plus CoverDynaOne® ISOTowMaster
X-Twin HS Dyneema® SSC Cover       x
X-Twin Dyneema® SSC Cover       x
X-Twin HS Dyneema® Cover       x
X-Twin Dyneema® Cover       x
X-Twin HS Plus Cover       x
X-Twin Plus Cover       x
DynaOne® ISOxxxxxxx 
GeoSquare® Tailmasterxxxxxxx 


Our ropes


GeoLink Lashing

The simple solution for connecting two ropes.
The signal yellow soft shackle.


Child’s play to fasten, holds securely and easy to open again each time.


Safe handling

Injury-free one-person handling

Highest precision

Suitable as sacrificial element due to minimal series variation

Marked pressure points

Enhances safety due to exact positioning


Available in 3 versions:

R1 | R2 | R3 | R4

R1 | R2 | R3 | R4 with Cover



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