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Bound to win

Wassersport Performance

100% effort, 100% adventure.
In a small boat you directly experience the fascination of sailing. In contact with waves and spray, you have the wind literally in your hands!



Our ropes


The Danish national team wins with Gleistein

The solution is in your hands!

The shortest distance between two points is always a taut rope. And the shortest distance to ultimate sailing pleasure is simply a dinghy. Gleistein brings both together! Our ropes’ outstanding handling qualities give you complete control and solid performance at the lowest weights. No wonder: Gleistein Ropes are also made out of our many years of experience in mass sport as well as in high-performance sport. We have been involved in national and international regattas, and know what the demands are. You can rely on ropes that deliver more grip, more fun and that decisive bow’s length head start when it counts!


For exampel with our RunnerTwin Olympic

Favourites sail with Gleistein

Strategy, teamwork, materials – only when everything is in perfect harmony you will get the right result.
And that means: Victory! Individual performance can decide the chances and placings. And not only the performance of every single crewmember, but of every single rope on board, counts.


Sales Yacht

Team leader Dr. Heide Giese-Bothe
Team Yacht


+49 (0)421 69049-44

Halbtrocken Sailing Team

"We are very enthusiastic about the entire RunnerTwin series.
The sheets and halyards are very durable despite our rough winches."