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Colourful, playful, and forgiving – yet as tough as it comes ...

Playground ropes by Gleistein

Each Herkules strand boasts a tough core made of steel wire for optimised protection against vandalism and to deliver high strength. It simultaneously ensures the rope has high dimensional stability and sufficient rigidity so that its internal tension provides the netted structure with support. This also means the resistance felt when climbing up or down such structures is predictable. And that means greater safety! Each strand is tightly enveloped with a textile covering to deliver maximum grip with minimised risk for injury. With these characteristics, Herkules has become the underlying constructional component for many types of playground equipment. Gleistein offers a complete range for the most playful of all rope segments, which is backed up with decades of experience and a genuine fondness for playground equipment!



Six hearts, one soul

Six strands envelop a stabilising core of textile fibres or wire. This produces a uniformly round and extremely stable rope body with a grippy, ribbed surface. Herkules 6S boast very low stretch and enables sophisticated spatial constructions to be built where cross points are fastened using special connecting elements


Herkules 6

Connect four

Four strands with greater stretch ensure a knobbly surface for the impression of a classic twisted rope. The wire cores deliver strength and stability to the construction. Yet the decisive advantage of Herkules 4S becomes most apparent during its deployment: it can be divided in the middle to allow slotted constructions to be made without the need for any supplementary connecting elements.


Herkules 4

A singularly perfect match

A steel strand enveloped by textile braids and perfectly attuned to the colour and material of its bigger siblings: Herkules 1S complements the successful and well-proven Herkules 6S and 4S product lines as a durable material for whipping end terminations and connecting sections.


Herkules 1

Constructions, Raw materials, colors

What makes Herkules into Herkules is its synthetic fibre cover.

It takes away the hardness of the wire core, makes the surface grippy and dramatically reduces the risk of injury. The protective characteristics are twofold: on the one hand, the cover prevents dangerous broken wires from escaping to the surface and also reduces the risk of painful jamming of fingers or skin. On the other hand, it prevents wire strands from rubbing against one another or on other hard objects – which means strands don’t break in the first place.

As such, Herkules boasts a longer service life than ropes made purely of wire.

Depending on the demands placed on the rope, the standard laid construction offers sufficient protection. Braided wire strands provide for higher abrasion
resistance and greater surface grip. Both construction types can be optimised by additionally gluing the wire strands and textile fibres. It prevents the cover from unravelling or fraying in instances where vandalism or other mechanical influences have inflicted localised damage. 


Braided and glued

Excellent abrasion resistance, rough surface, cover holds tightly even in instances of localised damage


Excellent abrasion resistance, rough surface

Laid and glued 

Very good abrasion resistance, smoothed yet grippy surface, cover holds tightly even in instances of localised damage


Very good abrasion resistance, smoothed yet grippy surface

Natural or neon: Herkules obtains its look from the high strength textile fibres of its cover.

The possibilities for a distinctive look are thereby virtually unlimited.

Gleistein offers a choice of fibres in various quality types, ranging from very attractively priced high tenacity polypropylene multifil and tried and tested polyamide, to polyester fibres providing an even higher degree of protection against abrasion and the harmful effects of the elements. All quality levels are available in a wide spectrum of colours. A Gleistein specialty is the custom-processed Hempex fibre, a woolly woven polypropylene in a natural tone, which can hardly be differentiated from traditional hemp – except that it doesn’t rot!

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