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Breathtaking designs, finest materials, splendid craftsmanship – every superyacht is uniquely individual with only the best equipment being good enough. With its premium products delivering outstanding performance at the lowest possible weight, extreme service life, and finishing par excellence, Gleistein has secured a position for fitting out the world’s most exclusive superyachts, like no other rope manufacturer. 

Of the 55 largest superyachts in the world, only 10 do not moor with Gleistein.

Premium ropes are the product of skill, experience, and meticulous care. They are produced using only the best raw materials, are manufactured using state-of-the-art production facilities and are subject to strict quality standards. All construction types and dimensions are deliverable by us and we con­tinually invest in research and development to ensure our customers can always rely on the highest performance solutions. 

“…extremely resilient, light­-weight lines that dictate the pinnacle of what is technically possible in every class.”


Only that which lasts a long time is truly good. And for us, generous safety margins in terms of the dimensions are by no means a reserve to compensate for dimin­ishing product quality or unreliable finishing properties. Some manufacturers make compromises to achieve the performance levels required – only to adversely affect service life and operational safety.

Not us: all specifications associated with our ropes are a binding commitment that will withstand any examination in the laboratory just as much as in practice. And only prod­ucts that fulfil their promised performance under the toughest conditions over an extended timeframe deserve to bear the Gleistein name!

Your yacht deserves rope solutions that not only match from a technical perspective, but also in terms of style. Exquisite fibre compositions and colour combinations are therefore characteristic of our superyacht lines.

But that is only the beginning: we can customise the design of our products according to the exact wishes of our customers. Many super yacht lines are therefore fundamentally tailor-made. A huge number of colour variations, braiding patterns, fibre mixtures, and coat­ings are possible, meaning that there are virtually 
no design limits. 

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DSM Protective Materials are inventors and manufacturers of the well-known HMPE fiber Dyneema®.
Dyneema® fibers have an outstanding constant quality and a much longer lifetime compared to superficially cheap me-too products. This is why they are not only more efficient, but also more economical in the long term.

Gleistein is a technology partner of the world market leader.

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Textile davit rope

The first textile davit rope with DNV seal

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FLX Mooring System

Lighter, more compact, more economical

Lifting gear

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Everything from the one source

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In our Rope Service Center, we carry out all finishing work from the final processing to the integration of fittings and the application of protective jackets and coverings in the highest quality on behalf of the customer.

The complete package also includes the appropriate accessories, such as professional tools for your own further processing, our splicing book with many descriptive instructions, and the complete range of auxiliary lines and cords. We also have a wide range of protective sleeves, leather coverings, shackles, thimbles, and much more available for you.

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Simple but effective

What holds solid as a rock, is light as a feather and doesn’t hurt if it hits you on the head? 

GeoLink, the textile shackle made of DynaOne®! Handling is a cinch too and it also costs considerably less than its stainless steel counterpart. Areas of deployment: Everywhere on board where something needs to be connected… 

FLX Mooring System

Lighter, more compact & economical

Traditional mooring lines are heavy and thick, made of conventional fibres, and are elastic to effectively absorb shock loads. Theses lines get to work while the yacht rests. The loads caused by the constant swell of the water are the predominant cause for wear and tear of mooring lines – and they must be regularly replaced.

With the FLX Mooring System, an inexpensive and easy-to-replace tail acts as a sacrificial element to do the “dirty work”. In this way, the main and longest section of the mooring line, which is made of an ex­tremely durable, low-elongation rope made with Dyneema®, is effectively protected. This means that the investment will pay off in just a few short years. Further­more, the solution requires substantially less space on board than a conventional line and the ensemble weighs just a fraction – to also make handling significantly easier.

FLX Mooring System, sizing examples


Main mooring line
[MegaTwin Flex]
Associated tail as grommet 4 m
[kg/100 m]
Breaking load in loop

Weight 4m tail


Our FLX Mooring System promises efficiency

Lifting gear

Exclusive and flexible, light and safe

Our lifting equipment for industrial applications has had a significant impact on the entire industry, as it combines first-class quality with outstanding performance. Our discerning superyacht customers also benefit from these capabilities: Textile slings from Gleistein surpass any wire rope solution in performance at a fraction of the weight. They are flexible, can be used without additional fittings, and leave no scratches on painted surfaces. So you can launch your tender boat or waterbike more comfortably and safely than ever before. Gleistein manufactures textile slings according to individual customer requirements and with complete certification. The range extends from fine loops, which are simply threaded into the rope for connection to the attachment point, to complete textile hangers of the highest precision.
The perfect addition to our exclusive slings is the specially developed crane rope DynaOne® HS GeoBend. It is optimised for high bending cycles and offers an outstanding service life when used as a running rope in roller guides. DynaOne® HS GeoBend is designed for direct replacement of wire ropes in existing systems and is the first and only fibre rope in the world for which the stringent DNV has issued a certificate as a crane rope for the launch of manned tender boats. It offers increased safety factors due to its superior breaking resistance compared to wire ropes of the same thickness. The certificate simplifies communication with insurance companies and technical inspectors on board and guarantees full compliance with DNV's rules for lifting gear on offshore vessels and installations.

The only textile davit rope with DNV seal

To this day, most davit systems still use wire rope. The reason: don’t tinker with a system that works – at least not in the case that might have a consequence on the construction itself or have an effect on safety. But DynaOne® HS GeoBend replaces the wire ropes in an existing davit system without any modifications being required. The rope, which is specially designed to handle alternating bends under load, significantly exceeds the strength of an equally dimensioned wire rope and thereby allows for an even higher safety factor. That’s why it has also received the strict DNV Type Approval Certification for manned tender boats.