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Lifting heavy weights easily

Heavy equipment has never been so light

Gleistein’s textile lifting slings have impacted the entire industry by providing the full performance of wire ropes and steel chains at a tiny fraction of their weight. They minimise the risk of injury and ensure superior conditions for easy handling, because they are as flexible as a fibre rope and never have protruding wires or the risk of jamming due to hard links. Compared to conventional polyester slings, they also score with much lower weight and extremely compact, dimensionally stable cross-sections for safe positioning at all attachment points. In the industrial lifting sector, Gleistein is competing with two product lines.



Perfect conditions for your precisely defined lifting job.

You know exactly what it is you want to lift, what the attachment points look like and where your lifting equipment comes into contact with fixtures and loads? 

Updraft® CustomSling is our fully certified modular system with almost unlimited possibilities for individual adaptation to required load capacities and precise lengths, the targeted protection of sections subject to higher loads and the integration of fittings of all kinds, right up to the implementation of complete bridles. Every Updraft® CustomSling is custom made with maximum precision in our process- and quality-optimised sling factory based on our textile wire rope replacement DynaOne® HS. 

Every job is different, and you have to react quickly and flexibly?

Then your lifting slings should be as versatile as you are. The Allround MegaLoop sets new standards for universal round slings. 

The load-bearing high-performance core is round-wound in a patented process. Surrounded by an extremely robust braiding cover, it becomes a flexible ring with a compact cross-section - and consequently the only round sling on the market that really deserves to be called a rope and thus is worthy of the name Gleistein: extremely light and flexible for outstanding handling properties, exceptionally safe at narrow attachment points, with perfect conditions for doubling the load capacity or for shortening by R2 configuration with strands lying neatly next to each other. This means that every Allround MegaLoop covers a far wider field of application than any other round sling on the market.

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