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Allround MegaLoopIndustrial lift

The endless rope. The universal Allround MegaLoop sets new standards for round slings.

New handling standard

Maximum work safety thanks to minimal weight and round cross-section.

New versatility standard

Fits all attachment points, but can be safely doubled up as well.

New performance standard

Round-wound high-performance core, indestructible braiding cover, highest precision in strength and length.

Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.60 %


High performance fiber vs. steel

Comparison of different slings
(MBL 2000 t, 6 m)

 Updraft® MegaSlingCable impact grummet from 7 x 6 x 19 WC
Weight125 kg995 kg
Diameter138 mm156 mm
Operating temperature 100 % WLL-40 bis +70 °C-40 bis +100 °C


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