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Hand in hand

Management Gleistein

Gleistein has evolved from a long-standing family tradition – every generation brings new personalities and thus different skills and ideas to the role of management and is thereby redefining it.

Supported by solidarity, trust, and responsibility – always focusing on the future. 

Bremen, Germany

Thomas Schlätzer

Managing Director Finance & Organisation

Klaus Walther

Managing Director Sales & Procurement

Anke Laabs

Board Member Operations & Rope Technology

Thomas Schlätzer

Managing Director Finance & Organisation

“I am recognising that Gleistein is increasingly developing itself beyond just rope. I accompany this development with great passion. In doing so, I am carried by a strong enthusiasm for Gleistein’s great team.”


Thomas Schlätzer is managing director at Gleistein. His responsibilities are human resources, finances, organisational development, and strategic work. These areas hold very exciting, varied and motivating tasks for him, which he performs with devotion. 

He has two children who are currently at the beginning of their professional orientation. As an ambitious recreational sportsman, he enjoys playing tennis and occasionally a round of boules with his friends – of course always paired with suitable nourishment.

His fascination for Gleistein’s products also results from the variety of different, mostly specialized applications of the customers, for which Gleistein’s ropes are not uncommonly customized. This is what makes the whole topic of ropes so special for him. 

He understands it as his mission to accompany Gleistein’s customers with perfect textile connections for any application, today as well as in the future. Functionally, aesthetically, and economically. 

Klaus Walther

Managing Director Sales & Procurement

“Honest, high-quality communication is fundamentally important to me and gives me great pleasure. Therefore, I am dedicated to ensuring that Gleistein maintains close and fair ties with its customers, employees, and suppliers.” 



Klaus Walther is managing director at Gleistein. As head of sales, he mediates between the interests of customers and the economic and technical feasibilities of the company. 

He is a family man, who loves and plays blues and rock music. Good wine, delicious food and traveling are also among his passions. 

Gleistein is a family business that has always manufactured fibre ropes – so the path was mapped out for him. His real fascination with fibre ropes has grown over the years because they offer endless possibilities in a wide variety of applications, some of them highly complex. 

His goal for Gleistein is to be the number one global point of contact for textile connections. Technical progress for tangible customer benefit becomes a daily reality through Gleistein. 

Anke Laabs

Board Member Operations & Rope Technology

“Although we often do not even notice ropes in our everyday lives, they accompany us in the most diverse private and professional areas. This versatility is what makes ropes so fascinating to me.” 

Anke Laabs is an authorized signatory at Gleistein. Production, assembly as well as warehousing and logistics form her main scope of activity. Continuous optimisation of the individual processes according to the principles of LEAN Management and the smooth interlocking of the different process steps are her challenges and at the same time exciting and fulfilling tasks for her. 

During her free time, she loves being active and experiencing or learning new things. Music plays an important role in her life – she likes to sing, regularly attends concerts, plays guitar and piano. 

Anke Laabs is impressed by the myriad opportunities of combining engineering, raw materials and coatings to create a highly specialised technical product. 

Her mission is to master all challenges hand in hand with a great team such that Gleistein can at once be its customers’ best partner and its staff’s best employer.

Trencin, Slovakia

Jan Bahno

Managing Director

“Together with our employees, we must constantly evolve and adapt to new trends in order to remain a strong partner for our customers in the future.” 

Jan Bahno is Managing Director at Gleistein s.r.o.
His areas of responsibility are finances, human resources, engineering and purchasing. He particularly enjoys the fact that his tasks are very diverse. 

He is an adventurous person, so in his free time he loves to go on trips with his family to explore unknown places. Regular exercise offers him the perfect balance to his daily work routine. 

A finished rope is the result of the work of a large team of professionals. The production process involves many different steps. At each stage of its creation, a new machine comes into play and a new person takes responsibility. For the result to be perfect, everyone involved must do an honest job and everything must be perfectly planned and synchronised. 

Jan Bahno is proud to be part of this special process.