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Because we care

Gleistein by your side

If a connection is to last, choosing the right rope is not enough, you also need to use it properly. To ensure this, Gleistein is always available to offer advice and support. Regardless of where your vessel is located – we offer professional installation, inspection and customised training programmes worldwide.



Professional installation is essential to maximise the lifespan, economy, and safety of a connection solution. It therefore goes without saying that after the development and manufacture of our products, we also support our customers during this process. Our service technicians can carry out the installation for you anywhere in the world or supervise the process, guiding your team and providing important know-how on optimal rope handling.

On-site training

Correct handling of ropes needs to be learnt. Inspections, splicing work and repairs being carried out by our specialists is not the only option. We also provide repair kits, rope manuals, pocket guides and offer to train your crew on site. Our individual training programmes are adapted to your crew’s current level of knowledge and conducted by qualified staff and master ropemakers – tailored to the applied rope system and your team’s abilities. 


Inspection & Maintenance

To detect rope damage at an early stage and to guarantee application safety, regular inspections are not only mandatory, but inevitable. Because safety is at stake, they must be carried out by qualified people who have been professionally educated, know their trade, and conduct inspections regularly. Our specialists perform the inspection on site and issue a report on the condition of your ropes in accordance with our Mooring Rope Manual based on standard rope inspection criteria. Using our test laboratory, we can also check the remaining breaking load of rope samples to determine the perfect time for replacement. Alternatively, we can train your team so that they can reliably carry out the inspections themselves. 

In-house training

Not only internally do our in-house regular trainings ensure that our team is always one step ahead with its knowledge. We also offer in-house training programmes for our customers. Some clients visit our headquarters in Bremen with their team every year to receive valuable know-how from our master ropemakers. Under professional guidance they for example carry out splicing work. The ropes are then ripped in our laboratory, and we issue certificates to prove the relevant qualification. In this way, our clients can supply their own customers with Gleistein-quality end connections. 

Some of our employees on site

Captain Hans van de Veen

Capitain Hans van de Veen started to work as a deck boy when he was just 15 years old and became a captain soon after. He is always up to date with the latest shipping news. Whether he is needed as a consultant or to inspect, repair, splice and install ropes, Hans van de Veen is always in situ.

Being so closely connected to his customers, he is the living example of our service mentality.

Captain Güray Arkan

Captain Güray Arkan has been Gleistein's representative in Turkey since 2017. Here he works with shipping companies and shipyards, building ships for international proprietors. With his team, he provides on-site services in the Black, Aegean and Mediterranean Seas.

He also oversees several offshore projects in which Gleistein's lifting slings are used.

Captain Eerde Warnaar

Eerde Warnaar started working on ships and tugboats while growing up – primarily as a captain. After 22 years on the water, he decided to continue his career onshore and became key account manager in a rigging company - with ropes still playing a central role. In 2013 he became part of the Gleistein team and is responsible for a wide range of tasks.

In addition to personal customer support as well as on-site service and sales, he is an application engineer and thus also actively involved in innovations and business field development.

José Antonio Vega García

José Antonio Vega García represents Gleistein in contact with Spanish and South American customers. He personally attends to their requirements, prepares individual offers and supervises the whole operations phase. The installation of mooring lines on board cruise ships, tugs and dredgers on site, as well as splicing work, repairs and rigging are also his responsibility.

In order to be even more approachable for our customers, together with his team he opened a branch office in Cádiz in the summer of 2021.

Examples of additional services

NFC Chip

The integrated NFC chip can be scanned with any modern smartphone – no matter if Android or iPhone. It stores product specifications, application tips and quick links to certificates, website content and important contacts.

Mooring Rope Manual and Pocket Guide

The comprehensive Mooring Rope Manual contains everything you need to know about installing ropes, their proper use, assessing their condition and making repairs. And the durable Pocket Guide is a practical tool for assessing our ropes and is readily at hand wherever you are

Wear zone managment

Gleistein offers several solutions to protect mooring systems from damage.