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MegaTwin Dyneema®Superyacht

All-rounder at the highest level. Top breakload, lowest elongation and maximum life expectancy.


Competition line made with Dyneema® SK 78 fibres for extreme strength and minimal elongation.

Does it all

Highly flexible polyester cover for excellent all-round characteristics and optimal grip on the core in cleats.


Robust and durable due to the best raw materials and an extremely proven design.


16 mm - 30 mm Ø



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Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.40 %

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
16 mm Ø17.50120.00133.00
18 mm Ø23.70150.00167.00
20 mm Ø28.00200.00222.00
22 mm Ø31.00230.00256.00
24 mm Ø35.00245.00272.00
26 mm Ø41.00285.00317.00
28 mm Ø44.00340.00378.00
30 mm Ø53.00400.00444.00


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