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Herkules 1SPlayground

Simply a round thing: textile covered wire strand in a matching look for beacons and for finishing Herkules 6S and 4S ropes.


Steel wire armor and textile wrap or braid for maximum service life under all conditions.


The textile sheathing safely protects against the escape of dangerous wire ends.

Perfectly tuned

Herkules 1S is available exactly matching its big sisters Herkules 6S and 4S.


6 mm - 8 mm Ø

Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 0.20 %

Ø [mm]Wire strandRope corekg [100m]
Bl. linear [kN]**
(3 mm Ø)
FE / FC5,27,7
(5 mm Ø)
FE / FC10,216,5


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