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Achieving more together: seven braided cores, a protective cover – extremely durable towing line with perfect shock absorption characteristics.

Does it all

High-strength polyester multi-core rope with right level of stretch


Extremely abrasion-resistant cover provides protection and stability

Torsion protection

Longitudinal stripes make twists in the rope immediately visible


56 mm - 168 mm Ø


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Technical data

Elongation at 10% of the breaking load: 1.60 %

Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
56 mm Ø905.001,006.00
60 mm Ø1,090.001,211.00
64 mm Ø1,230.001,367.00
68 mm Ø1,350.001,500.00
72 mm Ø1,500.001,667.00
76 mm Ø1,800.002,000.00
80 mm Ø1,850.002,056.00
84 mm Ø2,040.002,267.00
88 mm Ø2,220.002,467.00
96 mm Ø2,650.002,944.00
104 mm Ø3,100.003,444.00
112 mm Ø3,580.003,978.00
120 mm Ø4,100.004,556.00
128 mm Ø4,640.005,156.00
136 mm Ø5,240.005,822.00
144 mm Ø5,850.006,500.00
152 mm Ø6,500.007,222.00
160 mm Ø7,180.007,978.00
168 mm Ø7,900.008,778.00


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