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X-Twin Dyneema® SSC-Covertowing

Lasts almost forever (unfortunately): Compact yet flexible, buoyant high-performance towline with unbeatably resistant SSC sheath.


Strength-optimised core made of Dyneema® SK78

Abrasion resistance

Exceptionally abrasion-resistant SSC cover made of sub-braids with Dyneema®.


Lightweight and flexible for first-class handling under all conditions


46 mm - 80 mm Ø


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Technical data

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
46 mm Ø132.901,370.001,522.00
48 mm Ø143.801,510.001,678.00
50 mm Ø154.601,650.001,833.00
52 mm Ø169.101,790.001,989.00
56 mm Ø186.601,930.002,144.00
62 mm Ø224.102,070.002,300.00
64 mm Ø240.502,200.002,444.00
66 mm Ø258.102,330.002,589.00
68 mm Ø287.102,600.002,889.00
70 mm Ø299.402,730.003,033.00
72 mm Ø311.702,860.003,178.00
74 mm Ø333.503,120.003,467.00
76 mm Ø345.803,240.003,600.00
78 mm Ø367.603,510.003,900.00
80 mm Ø379.903,640.004,044.00


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