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GeoSquare® Plustowing

Splice me nice: buoyant, robust auxiliary line made of Gleistein Plus yarns with best spliceability


Flexible multipurpose line with high strength and moderate elongation


High-quality polyester is helped to stay afloat through lightweight polyolefin


Easy to splice square braid at an attractive price


16 mm - 96 mm Ø


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Technical data

[kg/100 m]
Bl. real
in splice
Bl. linear DIN
according to EN ISO 2307
16 mm Ø12.4042.5047.20
18 mm Ø15.7053.4059.30
20 mm Ø19.4065.5072.80
22 mm Ø23.5078.7087.40
24 mm Ø27.50107.00119.00
26 mm Ø32.80120.00133.00
28 mm Ø35.50138.00153.00
30 mm Ø42.50164.00182.00
32 mm Ø48.50186.00207.00
36 mm Ø61.50235.00261.00
40 mm Ø76.00287.00319.00
44 mm Ø93.00350.00389.00
48 mm Ø110.00414.00460.00
52 mm Ø128.00479.00532.00
56 mm Ø150.00558.00620.00
60 mm Ø170.00629.00699.00
64 mm Ø194.00714.00793.00
68 mm Ø215.00789.00877.00
72 mm Ø245.00899.00999.00
80 mm Ø300.001,100.001,222.00
84 mm Ø329.001,230.001,367.00
88 mm Ø365.001,332.001,480.00
96 mm Ø435.001,577.001,752.00


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