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Perfectly crafted, lasting protection

The extremely precise tuck splice enables power to be reliably transmitted over a short length with just minimal loss of strength


Abrasion resistant eye protection for top attachment point in yellow, direction sun


The red label contains all important information concerning the produc


Gleistein LS lifting slings are made of high-performance DynaOne® HS and DynaOne® series ropes


Securely whipped for eye protection and to bundle the rope strands along the free length



Abrasion resistant eye protection for bottom attachment point in black, direction bottom


Possible configurations

High performance fibre vs. steel

Comparison of different lifting gear
(WLL 50 t, 6 m)

 Updraft® CustomSlingPolyester round slingCable impact grummet 7 x 6 x 19 WC
Weight31 kg75 kg119 kg
Diameter52 mm150 mm54 mm
Bearing surface under load62 mm210 mm54 mm
Operating temperature 100 % WLL-40 to +70 °C -40 to +100 °C-40 to +150 °C
Safety factor775


Protective elements

GeoLift slings are matched to the intended usage scenario with specifically applied protective elements in such a way that the load-bearing fibre rope is effectively protected against increased wear in the contact area with attachment points and deflections for a long time.

Further protection against abrasion and dirt ingress is provided by highly effective protective elements of the GeoProtect series. Depending on the design, they can be retrofitted, opened for inspection purposes, moved or permanently fixed.